Plant a Tree


Toddlers through to the elderly, anyone can plant a tree.


Plant a tree (a native one).


In your garden or on any land you have permission to plant on.

During the tree planting season there may be opportunities to plant trees in your local community too.


The tree planting season is generally from November to March as this is the prime time to put young trees into the ground.


It can be quite straightforward to plant a tree and if you are taking part in a public tree planting event, the organiser(s) will normally provide you with any equipment you might need, including the trees and a spade.

We are posting free tree planting events in the UK on Twitter, so be sure to check there each week for upcoming events. Or search the opportunities hosted by specific organisations via the links below.

If you are planting trees independently, there is a clear and comprehensive guide from the Royal Horticultural Society.


Trees provide shelter from the sun, wind and rain, absorb water and provide homes and food for the birds whose songs and calls are part of our acoustic environment since childhood.

It can be quite a workout if you are planting trees all day!

Joining a public event and volunteering your time to plant trees in the local area strengthens community spirit and is a fun way to meet new people and “do your bit.”

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Thank you.


How about planting a fruit tree that will provide you and the local wildlife with free food? Or how about challenging yourself to grow an oak tree from a tiny acorn?



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