We all have our talents. Whether we are good with a needle and thread, are a computer whizz, accept DIY challenges or know someone good at fixing stuff.


What have you got that needs fixing?

Don’t throw out clothes because of a hole or tear (sometimes you pay extra for ripped jeans!).

Got a slow computer? Fix it.

And how about fixing that shower so that you can have your five-minute shower?


Anywhere that suits you.


Friday. This Friday. Why put a job off for another week?


The skills and equipment you might need will of course vary depending on what it is that you have to fix. It could just be a screw driver or a small sewing kit.

Ask around if you are unsure of how to go about fixing something, and offer your skills to help someone else.


Fixing something is satisfying.

Buying brand new things because we throw away what is apparently damaged or no longer working, depletes our finances.

We throw away 75% of electronics which typically end up in landfills and leak toxic chemicals into our drinking water and causes other harm.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Thank you.


As you fix and repair, why not customise your electronics, clothing and other products to add the personal touch? Or have a look around for local businesses which can fix things for you and spread the word about them amongst your social networks.



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