Clean the Beach


Everybody: holiday makers, sand castle makers, surfers, sunbathers, seaside residents and visitors.


Take three pieces of rubbish from the beach and put them in the bin (and recycle what you can).


Any beach you have access to at home or away.


Every time you are at the beach you can take part.


It’s fantastically simple.

Find rubbish. Pick it up. Bin it.

You may choose to wear gloves, wash hands afterwards and be careful about what you choose to pick up.


The kids love it!

Around 80% of the plastic debris polluting the ocean comes from the land. Now’s your chance to stop it going into the sea and entering the food chain.

It’s easy and free to do every time you are at the beach – no extra travel or expense required.

“Take 3 for the sea!”

Thank you.


Do you think you could pick up more than three things? Maybe see what you can find in two minutes, join an organised beach clean event, or maybe try taking one from the floor for every piece of yours when you leave the outside.



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