5-minute shower


Will you take the Five-minute Shower Challenge?


Enjoy a five-minute shower singing away to your favourite song, keeping the water running as long as the music is playing.

When the music stops, turn off the water – simple.


Wherever there’s a shower. At home, the gym, local swimming pool…


When do you have a shower? Why not make every shower a five-minute shower?


For this, you will probably need a music player such as a phone that you are happy leaving on a dry shelf in the bathroom (unless you sing a cappella!).

Search through your music collection or ours to find a song of five minutes or less which you love.

Hit ‘play’ to start the track, switch on the water and enjoy showering to the music, emphatically singing until the music stops; the final beat signals the end of the track and the end of the shower.

Switch off the water, and you’re done. Shower taken. Water saved.

Think you could do it?


Why would you not want to listen to your favourite music in the shower?

Being aware of how much water you are using makes social, environmental and economical sense.

Have you ever been late for something because you spent too long in the shower?

“There’s no half-singing in the shower. You’re either a rock star or an opera diva.”

Thank you.


Nominate your friends to take the Five-minute Shower Challenge! Find inspiration for your five-minute song in our YouTube collection and send us your recommendations to add.

Alternatively, you could use a waterproof watch, an egg-timer or find another way to keep track of time. Please check that your shower products are plastic-free too – thank you.



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