In July 2019, we created a game. We launched it at an international conservation meeting in Malaysia the same month. One hundred packs of cards are now distributed around the world for schools, communities, offices and homes. This is exciting.

What's your game? playing cards

Have you ever seen a butterfly, a snake or a wild flower?

Or picked fresh fruit from plants?

This is an interactive game about your connection with nature, biodiversity and conservation action. Classroom learning, meeting icebreaker or social play, it’s a pack for the everyday. Four categories for each animal, plant and habitat.


Got a pack of the cards?

We would like to create guides for teachers and outreach officers, and exchange game ideas between educators and players worldwide. It would be great to have you onboard.




The game is designed to encourage new dialogues, new understandings, new experiences, and bring about positive changes. Here is where the cards offline meet the community online. Feel free to give and take at your own leisure.

Why should we bother with nature conservation? Tell us why it is important to you. Share your motivation.

There is a lot we can learn from each other. Teach us what you know about species and habitats. Educate us.

We can all do something good for nature. What have you been up to recently? Show us what can be done.