Great British Beach Clean - Edinburgh, Scotland

Nathan Great British Beach Clean Cramond Scotland

I have spent quite a bit of time down the beach since being a child, but only in the last few years has my relationship changed - or rather, my attention, awareness and motivation shifted. Now I go to the beach specifically to clean it. The clean ups with Marine Conservation Society in the UK allow us to tally off what we find, and clearly this information is going somewhere - a plastic bag levy was introduced and the result was huge. Also cotton bud sticks (“ear diggers”, as we called them!), wet wipes and drinks bottles, all in the spotlight. Plus those tiny little nurdles - a trip to the beach is now a treasure hunt!

Beach cleans are organised throughout the year, and this picture is from the Great British Beach Clean 2016 at my local beach in Edinburgh, Scotland. Always good to meet new people, have a chat about common interests, learn some new things, and share the experiences of the clean up with others, friends old and new.

All beach cleans with Marine Conservation Society, including those for the annual Great British Beach Clean in September can be found here:

***** Highly recommended. :)


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