My name is Nathan and I like spending time outdoors in nature, particularly forests, mountains and around water. A rucksack with water bottle and an assortment of nuts is never far away, whether heading out for my Amur tiger and Amur leopard research fieldwork in China, a beach clean, some tree planting or community gardening in Scotland, or some form of conference or academic desk work in the office. I enjoy taking short video clips as well as photos, which I hope to bring into this website as learning resources for schools, teachers and wider audiences. I aim to live lightly without much ‘stuff’, and chose a meat-free diet in 2014 thanks to a couple of good friends. Seemed like a good idea at the time, and the support and evidence for links between livestock, climate, wildlife and people has only grown since.


with a little help from my friends…

This website and project has very much been developed, inspired and encouraged by those near and dear. The vision has long been for a participatory, open-access platform for sharing stories and motivations for conservation, with the idea that the actions and words of one can inspire another, just as I have been influenced. This is your website to give and take. This is your space.