Why conserve otters?

Following on from the international otter conservation congress in August 2014, this is our first page dedicated to answering the question of “why conserve?” We begin with the 13 species of otters. Nathan, Why Conserve, UK: “We need water to survive. Therefore, conserving the otter and its habitat is critical to our survival. “Otter poo naturally fertilises trees […]

Why clean the beach?

As well as turtles eating plastic bags which resemble their natural food of jellyfish, many birds consume plastic, and an estimated 1 million animals die every year because of plastic pollution, or marine debris (Images: take3.org.au). No matter where you are in the world, you will not be far from plastic. Our disposable lifestyle of throwing […]

Recycle Route in Scotland

After walking for seven days through breathtaking and vast expansive landscapes along the 96-mile West Highland Way, our grand expedition in July 2015 ended in Fort William, Scotland. With our rucksacks packed with camping gear and waterproof clothing well tested, our attention in the final stage was drawn to brightly-coloured bikes dotted along the busy […]

Love + Action

Do you care about nature and our environment? Of course you do. That’s why so many of us have pets at home, feel good when we are outside, and zoos and aquariums attract over 700 million visits worldwide every year. We simply love biodiversity and have a strong connection with the natural world. Pair this love with […]

Give a potato: the first month of growth for “Chit (1).”

Hello. Meet “Chit (1)”. This is our first potato that we started growing as part of our Give a potato project. One month in and our potato is preparing itself to be planted outside within the next few weeks. A “chit” is a shoot or sprout. “Chit (1)” is a potato from a bag we bought last month from the […]

About tree planting in the UK

This winter (2014/2015), we set ourselves a simple brief: find out about efforts being taken to plant trees in the UK, and share details about how an individual can plant trees in the UK for free. 1 million trees to be planted before the end of March 2015. In England ‘The Big Tree Plant’ is a national scheme to encourage […]


Who? Toddlers through to the elderly, anyone can plant a tree. What? Plant a tree (a native one). Where? In your garden or on any land you have permission to plant on. During the tree planting season there may be opportunities to plant trees in your local community too. When? The tree planting season is […]

Take 3 For the Sea song lyrics

Inspired by Take 3, the clean beach initiative from Australia, we’ve written and produced this popular song about looking after our beaches and oceans. We’re asking people to Learn it. Sing it. Share it. Watch the renditions here and submit your own!   Every time that you’re down the beach There is something I would like […]

IUCN International Otter Congress 2014

Nicknamed “the Marvellous City” and famous for its Carnaval celebration and statue of Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro in August 2014 hosted the 12th triennial meeting of reportedly one of the strongest specialist groups of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Species Survival Commission (SSC). Attended by more than 60 environmental […]

International Tiger Day 2014

Tuesday 29 July 2014 marked a day for raising awareness about the state of tiger populations in the wild. This day became first recognised in 2010 at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit, Russia when the status of tigers was considered close to extinction. As recently as one hundred years ago, there were 100,000 tigers across […]