Love + Action

Do you care about nature and our environment? Of course you do. That’s why so many of us have pets at home, feel good when we are outside, and zoos and aquariums attract over 700 million visits worldwide every year. We simply love biodiversity and have a strong connection with the natural world. Pair this love with action in our daily lives and we’ll have even more reason to celebrate.

“You can’t get more powerful than wonder, awe and joy.”

Nature is a continued source of inspiration, valued by people as a whole society and as individuals – including you and me. Nature is also the provider of the most memorable moments of our lives. Nature surrounds us, and biodiversity conservation is relevant and rewarding for everybody. We can see the personal benefits of doing something for nature when we feel positive about “doing our bit”, get the emotional high when we’re outside, and we get to work on time because we chose to take a five-minute shower.

“…the single most important factor behind taking action is an emotionally-powerful childhood experience of nature…”

You can use your personal motivation to find local opportunities and act on the things which matter to you most. We believe there is something for everyone and we share as many events and activities as possible, connecting you with the action. Importantly, these aim to remove barriers, presenting free, accessible opportunities here and on Twitter.

Which conservation actor are you most like: Activist? Supporter? Doer? Employer? Or Consumer?

Ask yourself, how do you interact with nature every day?

Our daily lifestyles impact our personal lives and our local environment.

Please look through our What Can I Do? portfolio for something which appeals to you and fits in with your individual lifestyle, see our Twitter account for local opportunities, and be sure to amplify your impact by sharing your experiences with friends, family and the media. Have fun and remember to celebrate your successes!

“Awareness does not protect biodiversity – action does…”

Thank you.


1) Recycle your rubbish. 2) Take a five-minute shower. 3) Check the nearest cosmetic product to you for plastic in the ingredients – you might be surprised what’s in your shampoo! 4) Write to your MP about the Nature and Wellbeing Act, asking politicians to recognise the importance of nature for our health, wealth and happiness. 5) Get outside with a friend or your child today and share your love for nature.   NB: This article is based upon a guide authored by Futerra entitled branding biodiversity: The new nature message.

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A comment on “Think Global – Act Local” by Mark Avery.


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