Give a potato: the first month of growth for “Chit (1).”

Hello. Meet “Chit (1)”. This is our first potato that we started growing as part of our Give a potato project. One month in and our potato is preparing itself to be planted outside within the next few weeks.

A “chit” is a shoot or sprout.

“Chit (1)” is a potato from a bag we bought last month from the shop – a regular shop. It’s a UK-grown potato of the Melody variety.

On 25 January 2015 we pulled “Chit (1)” from the sack of spuds, sat it on an egg box and left it inside on a desk in a cool light room. And we left it there to sit, and we waited – very low maintenance.

chit 1.2 web

One month later – of doing nothing but letting it sit there on its egg box – and our potato has grown some chits!

The biggest chit is currently just under 1.5 cm long. We’ll leave it to grow another centimetre or so before we plant it outside.

chit 1.3 web
What we’ve done while we’ve been waiting is chosen three other potatoes to grow too. Naturally, we’ll refer to these as “Chit (2), (3) and (4).” Repurposing old train tickets as plant labels, we’ve marked up which potato is which – this is a great way to identify which potato belongs to which child if you are running a potato growing competition or science project at school.

“Chit (4)” joined the group only a few days ago; now we’ll have four potatoes to grow this year (and fingers crossed that’ll be four platefuls of food)!

chit 1-4.1 web
This project is highly accessible and anyone can take part, even if you are short on space as potatoes can be grown in a bucket. Whether you are giving a potato or growing a potato, we wish you a lot of fun (and maybe some funny looks when you present a potato to your boss!). It is such a simple idea, and we hope you enjoy taking part.

The benefits of local, seasonal food are well known, and there has already been interest in this project across the counties, including Sussex, Cumbria and London. So get yourself started on your potato growing adventure before you miss your chance – give a potato today!

Planting your potatoes outside in March to May is recommended, and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing. So join in with us and share your stories. Look out for more on the story of “Chit(1)” and its three egg box neighbours here and on Twitter.

“One potato, two potato, three potato, four…”

Thank you.



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