About tree planting in the UK

Plant a Tree

This winter (2014/2015), we set ourselves a simple brief: find out about efforts being taken to plant trees in the UK, and share details about how an individual can plant trees in the UK for free.

1 million trees to be planted before the end of March 2015.

In England ‘The Big Tree Plant’ is a national scheme to encourage the planting of trees in urban areas, aiming for 1 million trees to be planted before the end of March 2015.

Devon Wildlife Trust and Derbyshire Wildlife Trust have both done a lot of tree planting under The Big Tree Plant scheme, planting thousands of trees with schools, resident groups and volunteers. A spokesperson from Derbyshire Wildlife Trust talking about their events said,

“[we] usually get between 50 – 100 people come out from toddlers to the elderly. It makes a great family day out, and everyone has a lot of fun.”

This was said ahead of their two large public events at which they aimed to plant 1,000 trees on each day. As well as the Trust’s ‘Value in Trees’ project, these events were to be held during National Tree Week (29 November to 07 December 2014).

National Tree Week, run by the Tree Council is the annual celebration to mark the beginning of the winter tree planting season.

The end of November is a great time to get involved in tree planting as National Tree Week commences and lots of events are hosted across the UK.

November to March is the prime time to put saplings into the ground.

There are various organisations hosting free public tree planting events between November and March as this is the prime time to plant trees in the UK.

Grant assistance, free tree packs and turning Christmas cards into trees.

The Tree Council provides grants to help schools and communities to plant trees in the UK, and The Woodland Trust offers free tree packs for these same groups as well as providing other help and support. The Woodland Trust is also working with Marks and Spencer (M&S) to plant a tree for every 1,000 Christmas cards recycled in M&S stores – 8,135 trees were planted in this way in 2014!

Planting trees for every child in Wales.

Under the Plant Scheme, a Welsh Government scheme a tree is planted for every child born or adopted in Wales.

There are currently no plans for a successor scheme to The Big Tree Plant (England) which ends March 2015.

If you want to plant a tree and make the most of the opportunities presented to you, there is no better time than before the end of March 2015. All opportunities known to us are promoted via our Twitter; if you know of more, please contact us.

NB: Unless you are planting on your own land, you will always need to ensure you have the permission from the landowner to plant.

Thank you.



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