Why clean the beach?

As well as turtles eating plastic bags which resemble their natural food of jellyfish, many birds consume plastic, and an estimated 1 million animals die every year because of plastic pollution, or marine debris (Images: take3.org.au).

No matter where you are in the world, you will not be far from plastic. Our disposable lifestyle of throwing things out is having a major impact on our environment, including our wildlife and the fish we eat, the oceans we swim in, and the beaches we play on. Why Conserve proudly supports the clean beach initiative, Take 3 and encourages you to follow their simple actions: Pick it up. Bin it. Take 3 for the Sea. This September is the Great British Beach Clean event led by Marine Conservation Society with over 10,000 people expected to participate. Please join them 19-22 September 2014 – thank you.

Nathan, Why Conserve, UK answers “Why clean the beach?”:

“It’s like a mini treasure hunt! You never know what you might find…

“It’s only right to make a difference for this generation and those that follow.

“Plastic and other rubbish at the beach is hideous.

“There is no “away” when we throw things away. We have oceans of plastic soup, and beaches of plastic sand.

“It’s easy. Every time you see plastic you have the ability to save wildlife by making a simple choice to act and pick it up.”

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What else can you do?

One of our core objectives as Why Conserve is to showcase realistic actions that can be taken in favour of conservation without spending any money.

1. Take 3 pieces of rubbish whenever you leave the beach.

2. Join the Great British Beach Clean 19-22 September 2014.

3. Refuse disposable plastic products like plastic bags, plastic bottles, coffee cups and straws. Use reusable alternatives instead.

4. Learn where the plastic comes from and where it goes with this great short video from Take 3 – look out for the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

5. Learn the lyrics to our “Take 3 For the Sea” song, make your own music video and share it online – let’s make it the latest viral craze!

Thank you.



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