Take 3 For the Sea song lyrics

Inspired by Take 3, the clean beach initiative from Australia, we’ve written and produced this popular song about looking after our beaches and oceans. We’re asking people to Learn it. Sing it. Share it. Watch the renditions here and submit your own!


Every time that you’re down the beach

There is something I would like to teach

You’ve got to take three

For the sea

For the turtles, you and for me.


So when you’re at the coast

To make the most

Of your time at the shore

Pick up one more!


It’s totally free

Once you’re at the sea

To feel fantastic

Pick up some plastic!




Every day I’m taking three…


What can you do?

One of our core objectives as Why Conserve is to showcase realistic actions that can be taken in favour of conservation without spending any money.

1. Take your rubbish with you when you leave the beach.

2. Attend an organised beach clean event in your local area, meet like-minded people and come together to clean up your environment. It is the Great British Beach Clean 19-22 September 2014 – take part.

3. Learn the lyrics, record your own music video and let us know about it! Email nathan@whyconserve.com or Tweet @whyconserve

Thank you.



Related information:

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