Top 5 on Twitter since our first Tweet

Since we started on Twitter three weeks ago, here are the Top 5 tweets which people most viewed, shared and added to their favourites.

1. A great poster by Shinji Pons, entitled ‘No Excuses’ via .@Dothegreenthing… (above)

131 views // 1 favourite // 4 link visits // 2 Retweets

2. .@GreenDealShop “If we don’t take care of nature…there will be knock on effects that won’t be beneficial for us.” #whyconserve

43 views // 1 Retweet

3. “Tigers are a part of Nepal’s natural wealth…”… (via: .@Independent) #whyconservetigers

24 views // 1 favourite // 1 link visit // 1 Retweet

4. Eat well. We know that a balanced diet is good for our health. It’s also the best for our environment. Bon appétit.

35 views // 1 reply // 1 Retweet

5. .@WUIW: “Cook food in as little water as possible. This also helps it retain more nutrients.” #whyconserve

85 views // 1 Retweet For more on Twitter, please follow us @whyconserve.


Thank you.


Related information:

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