Hello, and welcome to Why Conserve.

The aim is simple: to answer the fundamental question “why bother with conservation?”

Without nature would we have half the medicines we are prescribed today?

Whoever said that killing tigers, cutting down trees and polluting the atmosphere wouldn’t affect you?

And are we powerless and expecting global issues to be addressed by the select few only?

We have a number of concerns in our lives, primarily within our immediate environment, the here and now: the things which directly affect us and those around us. Issues as grand as species extinctions, climate change and world hunger are sometimes felt reserved for those considered a conservationist, environmentalist or humanitarian.

We may sit and enjoy a wildlife documentary; but the peril of tigers and destruction of the rainforest is probably not an issue happening on our doorstep; greenhouse gases are invisible to the naked eye; and we may hear a story of starving children and feel emotionally compelled to donate money.

Why Conserve recognises that we all think differently and have our own view of the world.

This project is an exciting opportunity for you to find out and talk about the untold ways in which conservation of nature, energy and food affects you, the person who you and others around you can relate to. In doing so, it seeks to empower you with a social responsibility towards the environment, and the resources we share between us highlight that regardless of wealth you can do something about these issues which are essentially a lot closer to home than you might first imagine.

Today we invite you to see the state of our world, engage with the growing community, and to act.

Thank you, and welcome to Why Conserve,

Nathan, Matt and your community


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